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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 09:40

It's OK to be a JV as Long as you Realize it

Mr. Hunter are you in shape? Are your dogs in shape? Have you shot since last season? Are your reflexes, quickness, stamina really as good as your dog's? Otherwise this is what you hear. Guide says, "Get ready! Get ready! Get Ready! Here they come..." Burrrrr, burrrr, burrrr. The sound of wings. And no shots.

The guide looks around makes eye contact and hears, "I wasn't ready and where are my dogs!"

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 05:35

Nice to Meet you Mr. Rooster

Or, I really just want to work my dogs.

Chan: "Here are my thoughts"

I'm here with my two dogs, one old and one young. I just really want to get them lots of work over the next three days. Killing birds doesn't really matter. Great attitude. There is nothing like watching good dogs work.
In reality, the dogs have not been run nor trained in preparation for the hunt. So by midway of the second day it has been a struggle for men and dogs to harvest wild birds. The guide will hear "I'd like to rest dogs."
What really is the case: "I want my limit and my dogs aren't doing well. Let's put yours on the ground." and can wait. It is not a problem either way for a guide just an interesting look at the human mind
The Rooster
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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 05:34

Pheasants Fear Me

Yeah right! That is why they run and/or fly when a car door opens 1000 yards away.

Let's be honest. Seasoned hunters are still dumb. We can have amber shooting glasses, a $5000 or better over and under, $300 boots, the correct jacket, #5 copper shot and two dogs of high intelligence.

Then still drive up too close to the field; come to a noisy halt; open and slam at least two truck doors.

That puts the fear into the pheasants and results in making your hunt more difficult, even when the state report talks of best year ever. It is so nice for you to give them that extra advantage.

Want to hunt wild birds? Be smart. Walk farther, don't talk, be quiet, use the wind and control you dog. But above all else, close car doors quietly. Make your guide happy and his job easier.

The Rooster

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Hey guys, let's go to South Dakota to hunt birds!

Yeah, oh boy, road trip!

Seven reasons why to go after Thanksgiving or week 1 or 2 in December.

  1. The pressure of early season is done.
  2. The crops are in and the birds are crowded in the cover.
  3. The weather in South Dakota can vary usually from 45 to 70 degrees. Mostly it is nice.
  4. Guides/outfitters can reduce rates.
  5. Motel rooms are available.
  6. Wild birds have been educated and are a better challenge for men and dogs.
  7. Cabela's is ready for Christmas. That Merkel is on sale.
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